Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Commercial - Little Girl Feeding Cat

Samsung presents its Family Hub refrigerator with built-in cameras as “more than a fridge” in a new commercial.

The 30-second spot features a dad in a grocery store buying a bottle of milk but then putting it back in the fridge after seeing the content of his fridge, at home, thanks to its built-in cameras and realizing there’s still enough milk left. While he’s going on with the shopping, back home, his daughter takes the bottle of milk and pours it all in the cat’s bowl. Out of the store, in the parking lot, the man decides to take a look again at the content of the fridge, at home, and seeing that the bottle of milk is now empty, turns around to go buy milk, too.

“It’s more than a fridge. It’s the Family Hub.” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The brand informs that, with the Family Hub, you can shop for food, organize your family’s schedules and even entertain – all right from your fridge. With a connected touchscreen and three interior cameras that take a photo when you close the door, the Family Hub helps you create shopping lists, enables you to peek inside your refrigerator from anywhere, lets you plan meals, coordinate family schedules, set expiration notifications to keep all your food fresh, sync your family’s shopping lists or buy groceries right from your refrigerator door, send real time updates and more.