Samsung Exynos Commercial

Samsung shows, in one of its latest ads, what happens in the backstage of your phone, explaining that, in order for you to see everything you see on the display of your smartphone, a tiny chip inside it, the mobile processor, works continuously.

The commercial, introducing the Samsung Exynos processor as “The Electronic Wonderland”, illustrates how this processor provides the foundation for Samsung’s cutting-edge mobile innovations and features and controls almost every aspect of your smartphone, whether you’re taking photos, watching a video or gaming.

“Both smart and efficient,” Exynos helps smartphones complete complex tasks quickly, using as little energy as possible. It can recognize people and objects and, thanks to its AI capability, helps you take better photos and organize your day. Its modem, that supports diverse mobile connectivity, including 4G LTE and 5G NR, make streaming video, downloading files and browsing the web “faster than ever”, according to the tech giant, which also provides further information on how other aspects, such as audio, video, photo and display, are impacted by the Exynos capabilities.

“Samsung Exynos. The processor that creates infinite possibilities,” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.