Samsung Air Conditioner Commercial

This summer, the only solution to overcome the extremely hot weather is Samsung’s Air Conditioner with Digital Inverter 8-Pole.

Introduced as “the cooling technology the world has been waiting for,” this air conditioner is the subject of a new ad, which features several Samsung customers talking about their way of dealing with the heat and the experience with Samsung’s air conditioner with digital inverter 8-pole. The spot opens with a family returning home and taking frozen vegetables from the freezer to cool themselves on a hot summer day while waiting for the air conditioner to kick in. A young couple who had to tighten their belts to save money on electricity, due to their last bill, which came as “a big shock” to them, are seen fighting over the air conditioner’s remote, the woman stopping him from turning it on. Finally, a young man says his outdoor unit was always breaking due to high temperature and he broke it to buy instead the Samsung’s air conditioner with digital inverter 8-pole. The purchase of this air conditioner has reportedly changed their lives, now feeling happy to come home even on very hot days.

The ad also highlights that the Samsung’s air conditioner with digital inverter 8-pole can cool a room in the blink of an eye, can be used day and night without worrying about the electricity bill, is “unbending to harsh conditions”, “fast,” “efficient,” “reliable”, and features “strong durability”.

At the end of the 90-second spot, the tagline “It’s your turn to enjoy yourself” flashes across the screen.