Sainsbury's Dog TV Advert

“Valentine’s Day is all about romantic gestures and showing that special person in your life that you love them. But what if that special person isn’t a person at all? “, this is the question raised by British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s in its Valentine’s Day ad.

Titled “A Valentine’s mix up”, the spot features a dog who feels neglected by his owner, a man who gets ready to have his girlfriend over for a Valentine’s Day date at his place. He is seen coming back home with a bunch of flowers and a Sainsbury’s shopping bag and starting to cook dinner. His furry friend is trying to get his attention in several ways, but the guy is too absorbed to notice. When the latter closes the bathroom door into his face, the dog decides to make him pay and takes the Valentine’s card left on a table for the woman expected to show up and buries it in a hole that he dug in the backyard. But this is not the only thing that ends up in the ground. The table linen and the man’s shoes also end up in the hole, but not for a long time, though. Seeing that the man’s date shows up accompanied by her small dog, he hurries to pull all the things out of the hole and take them back inside, where he expresses his regret by covering his face with his paws. His owner proves he’s not upset and gives him and the other dog some treats from Sainsbury’s. The advert ends with the onscreen line “Treats for all kinds of Valentines” and with the supermarket chain’s tagline, “live well for less”.

Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day range of pet treats includes Sainsbury’s Chunks In Gravy With Chicken & Turkey 100g (£0.30/unit), Sainsbury’s Smooth Pâté, Chicken & Turkey 150g (£0.40/unit), Sainsbury’s Deli Cat Sticks, Salmon & Trout x10 (£1.00/unit), Sainsbury’s The Delicious Collection delicious recipe selection 6x85g (£3.00/unit), Sainsbury’s Pooch’s Scrummy Treats Meaty Strips x20 200g (£1.00/unit), Sainsbury’s Fresh Breath Dental Sticks Medium Dogs x14 360g (£1.60/unit), Sainsbury’s Adult Farmhouse Kitchen in Jelly 12 x 100g (£3.00/unit), and more.

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