Royal Bank of Scotland TV Advert

Royal Bank of Scotland highlights, in its latest advert, that “No matter whose hands your phone falls in to, you can feel safe with the Royal Bank of Scotland mobile app”.

The 30-second spot shows snippets of the good, honest people of Scotland, while the voiceover says that, if you have the Royal Bank app and lose your phone, you wouldn’t have to worry if one of those persons found it, presenting “honest Angus”, a farmer, store clerk Mary, who’s “salt of the earth”, and young mother Eilidh, who would also have your phone returned in no time. The ad also shows that if “dodgy Davie” finds your phone, he can’t log in to the Royal Bank of Scotland mobile app thanks to the secure biometric log in.

Davie is seen trying to unlock a phone he found in a coffee shop and telling the woman coming back to search for it that he was about to hand it in.

The advert informs that app eligibility criteria apply and that Face ID login, featured in the last scene, is available on iPhone X. Royal Bank customers using the bank’s mobile app can also log in with their fingerprint, besides setting up a six-digit passcode. The app enables them to check their balances, make transfers and payments, and even send money abroad via an international payment, and pay people without needing to use a card reader, an option that Digital Banking does not provide.

Royal Bank of Scotland also gives people, through its website, information on how its mobile app is kept secure, a series of top security tips for banking on mobile, as well as a list of common mobile scams and instructions on how to spot them.