Royal Bank of Scotland Advert - Password

Royal Bank of Scotland has launched a new advert showing people how to create a strong password.

The spot features Ken and Al, two men who “know a bit about keeping out the indesirables”, aka people trying to hack into your online account, sharing a tip for a strong password. Their tip consists in using the first letters of a rhyme or a song, like “The Grand Old Duke of York, he had 10 thousand men”, which gives you “TGODoYhh10tm.” “Easy to remember and nobody’s guessing TGODoYhh10tm.” says Al and then Ken urges you to “keep the riff raff out with your Baa Baa Black Sheeps”, “your Wankee Doodle Dandys”, and “your Cock A Doodle Doos”.

The advert then advises users to search Royal Bank Security for more tips to protect themselves online. In addition, the bank, that highlights that most people think they wouldn’t fall for a fraudulent text or email, but criminals are more sophisticated than ever, invites them to take a test at to see if they can find the fraud.

Take Five is a national awareness campaign led by FFA UK and its partners, that offers straight-forward and impartial advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud.

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