Reebok Commercial - Alter the Icons

Reebok uses music influencers to pitch its new “Alter the Icons” collection, which is a new take on old school looks.

The center stage is taken by the Reebok Classic Leather and Workout Plus and a host of musical influencers including JayDK, Lil Baby, Saweetie and more.

Jay IDK talks, in a dedicated spot that features him wearing the new silhouettes, about his upbringing, his route to success and about how he came up with the name IDK. “When I started rapping I wanted to create who I was and that’s why I came up with the name IDK, which stands for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge – it’s basically the duality of my life,” he reveals, adding “there’s always something to gain from negative”. “It’s ok to be from a good neighborhood, a mess up, but just understand what you are and where you come from” he also says.

The first wave of the Reebok “Alter the Icons” collection is available now online at the brand’s website and at select retail locations. Both the Workout Plus and Classic Leather silhouettes are priced at $85.

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