Progressive Box Commercial

The Box is back to the small screen in a new Progressive commercial. Titled “Get That House”, the 30-second spot highlights that, by bundling Home and Auto, people can save 17% on Auto.

“I’ve seen lots of homes helping new customers bundle and save big. But now it’s time to find my dream abode,” the insurance company’s mascot says as an introduction to a show called “Get That House”, where a real estate agent, Scott, helps people to find the perfect house for them. The latter asks the Box to tell him what he’s looking for when searching for a home and warns him they are “a little unorthodox”. The next shots reveal that the Box is quite picky. He wants Scott to double-check the garage door, to know if the sunlight from the living room is adequate for a komodo dragon, he wants the house to be in a good location, and he even takes a shower. “Sure I want that discount on car insurance just for owning a home, but I’m not compromising,” the Box says in an attempt to justify his requests.

Progressive states that it offers insurance bundles that flex as your needs evolve and urges customers to combine insurance for their car and property to start. For adding cars, motorcycle, boats or more, they can get discounts.

Couples can also get discounts for having two vehicles on their auto insurance policy, being married and owning a home, along with their bundled insurance savings. The company’s PerkShare program enables customers to insure everything in one place and get discounts. People are advised to turn on the Coverage Checker tool on the company’s website during their quote, especially if they create a custom package, to highlight any areas where they might have too much or too little coverage.