Progressive Flo in the Jungle Commercial

Progressive advertises the Answers section available on the insurance company’s website in a new spot, featuring Flo in the jungle.

The 30-second commercial, set in the jungle, opens with a man that guides Flo to a particular spot, telling her that the people living there speak a language he cannot understand. The company’s spokeswoman soon realizes they are insurance agents and translates what one of them says for her guide. When the man sitting at the desk asks Flo about “additional interest on an umbrella policy,” she translates the expression as “Damage minimization of civil commotion,” which makes the agent look at her with respect and then stand up and, without saying a word, hand to her guide a small piece of paper. Flo immediately translates also this part: “He wants you to sign Karen’s birthday card,” she says.

The spot ends with the voiceover urging viewers to visit to get answers in plain English when insurance needs translating.

Progressive offers, through its Answers platform, easy explanations for all of your questions about coverages, prices, and more. Jewelry & engagement ring insurance, protection of rental properties with landlord insurance, insurance for rental cars, auto insurance deductibles, average boat insurance price are only a few of the topics covered in the Answers section on the insurance company’s website.

Flo, played by actress Stephanie Courtney, has been a company’s spokeswoman since 2008 and has appeared in more than 100 commercials. She has an Australian counterpart, named Kitty and played by Australian actress Holly Austin. Created by the Boston-based agency Arnold Worldwide, Flo has quickly become one of most-recognized insurance advertising characters.

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