President's Choice Commercial

President’s Choice showcases a part of its Organics range, which includes more than 300 products, in a new commercial, encouraging viewers to see what they have been missing.

“In the PC kitchen we’re always asking ‘Why Not?’. ‘Why not make organics syrupy, chocolatey, hearty, and spaghetti?”, the voiceover asks on the 30-second spot, which features several cooks in a kitchen chopping fresh vegetables, like red and green peppers, zucchini, onion, tomatoes, and more, for a sauce, putting spaghetti into boiling water, topping with syrup some pancakes, and preparing chocolate.

“With over 300 PC Organics products to choose from, see what you’ve been missing.”, the voiceover urges people at the end of the spot, while on screen several PC Organics products are shown and viewers are directed to the dedicated section on the brand’s website. “Because the more we explore, the more we discover.”, the voiceover adds and the tagline “Crave More” flashes across the screen.

The PC Organics range of products, which are Third Party certified and continue to meet Canada’s organic standards, carrying CANADA ORGANIC logo on the package, also includes products for babies and toddlers beverages, frozen favorites, like the triple blend of kale, spinach and collard, cultivated high bush berries, whole strawberries, green pees, dark sweet cherries, mango chunks, broccoli florets, dairy products and eggs, and more.