Poo~Pourri Donkey Commercial

Poo~Pourri presents, in a new commercial, announcing that “The Future of Pooping is Here,” the THE ASSISTANT Automatic Toilet Deodorizer.

Co-written and directed by Nicole Story, the spot features the brand’s spokeswoman, Bethany Woodruff, introducing the innovative solution from Poo~Pourri, which comes to the rescue of those who forget to spritz before they sit down. Bethany urges you to “Say goodbye to smelly ass with The Assistant Automatic Toilet Deodorizer,” which works even after you sit down. She says this solves “the emergency shituations”, giving the example of a woman who went to a Thai restaurant and, after using too much gravy, had to go to the toilet really fast and didn’t have the time to spritz Poo~Pourri before she sat down. The spokeswoman also mentions the sleek design of the device, which allows it to blend in with your toilet and fits 99.9% of toilets, the easy installation, as well as the fact that it’s easy to clean, the seamless shell being designed with two pieces of plastic. With a 100% natural – now in a concentrated – formula, made with a proprietary blend of natural essential oils, Poo~Pourri is always nontoxic and safe to flush. Moreover, it has refill indicators, whose colored lights inform you when Poo~Pourri or battery levels are getting low, and refill can be done in a snap just by pulling out the empty bottle and inserting a new one.

The brand offer a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping with the purchase of The Assistant Starter Kit on PooPourri.com, in the continental United States.

“Never forget to spritz again with The Assistant Automatic Toilet Deodorizer from Poo~Pourri,” Bethany Woodruff says at the end of the commercial, which also stars Billy Mann as the man in the bathroom, with a donkey near him, Page Petrucka & Monica Moore Smith as two co-workers in an office bathroom, Dannia Tan as the customers who uses too much gravy in a Thai restaurant, Abigail Snarr as a roommate who’s drinking a gross detox drink as part of a cleansing diet, and Nixon Cullimore as Jimmy, a little boy who’s eating ice cream and hears the nature’s call.

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