POM Wonderful Worry Monster Commercial - Yoga

POM, the world’s largest integrated producer of Wonderful variety pomegranates, has launched a new ad campaign, aimed at inspiring people to get crazy healthy and worry less.

The centre stage is taken by a series of Worry Monsters, furry creatures that are at their happiest when their human counterparts are at their most anxious. The campaign, created by The Wonderful Company’s in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, is actually titled “The Worry Monsters” and shows the protagonists complaining that their once unhealthy and fretful humans have started making healthier choices, like working out and drinking crazy healthy POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice.

One of the monsters, for instance, is a yoga teacher that stands near a woman doing yoga and gives her the following pieces of advice: “Breathe in your anxiety,” “Listen to your Worry Monster,” “Let go of your resolutions,” “Stop drinking healthy POM Wonderful”, “And…. rest”.

However, the Lady Monster that pretends to be a yoga teacher soon realizes that “that won’t bring Chad back.”
At the end of the spot, the lines “Worry Less. Get Crazy Healthy” flash across the screen, alongside a bottle of POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, which is, according to the brand, a good source of potassium (every 8oz serving packs as much as the average banana), is gluten-free, Non-GMO, certified Kosher, and has no added sugar.

POM’s juice range also includes Pomegranate Cherry 100% Juice and Pomegranate Cherry 100% Juice. The brand also sells Pomegranate Peach Passion Antioxidant Super Tea, Pomegranate Sweet Tea, Pomegranate Honey Green Tea, Pomegranate Lemonade Tea, as well as fresh pomegranates.

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