Planet Fitness Bodybuilder Commercial

“Mirrors can be deceiving, but the Judgement Free Zone️ isn’t.” this is the message conveyed in the latest commercial released by Planet Fitness.

The spot, from creative agency Hill Holliday and directed by Aaron Stoller, features a self-obsessed guy during a spinning class who says he can’t see himself at Planet Fitness because there aren’t enough mirrors. “I just can’t see myself at Planet Fitness. No, I mean literally. There aren’t enough mirrors. Cause I need to be looking at me. (…) Looking at me looking at you! To see if you’re looking at me. And that means you won’t be seeing me there anytime soon.” the “mirror guy”, played by American male fashion and fitness model turned actor Rusty Joiner, says. A voiceover then answers on behalf of Planet Fitness, saying that Planet Fitness is “a place for everyone else” and adding the gym’s tagline, “The Judgment Free Zone”.

Planet Fitness states it provides a “non-intimidating, welcoming and supportive environment”, that” fosters a sense of community” among its members. A friendly staff, always ready to support you, spacious and clean facilities, as well as the chance to take a small group fitness class, check out our 30-minute express circuit or create a customized workout plan, all for free, are among the benefits members of Planet Fitness can enjoy.

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