PayPal Commercial - Tropical Vacation

PayPal advertises its PayPal Credit and One Touch Checkout features in a new ad.

“If you want to buy a tropical vacation now and pay for it over time, and then buy luggage with just a tap, so you can start packing for that vacation, PayPal can do that,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features a young couple on a winter day buying a tropical vacation online and a carry-on luggage with just a tap, using PayPal.

Viewers are invited, at the end of the commercial, to visit PayPal’s website and find out more about what PayPal can do.

PayPal Credit allows users to buy now and pay over time, in 6 months, right from their PayPal wallet, with the added benefit of no annual fee. Moreover, there is no interest if purchases of more than $99 are paid in full in 6 months. PayPal Credit gives users the flexibility to check their statements, make payments and more right from their PayPal account, regardless of the device they’re using. In order to get PayPay Credit, people must provide their birth date and their Social Security Number and will know within seconds if they are approved.

The One Touch feature, once activated, enables users to check out faster by skipping the login and billing info, with just the click of a button. One Touch allows PayPal users to browse through various websites without logging into their PayPal account or filling out their billing information.

Flexible, speedy payments, global shopping, in over 200 markets around the world, and Purchase Protection are other features users can enjoy with PayPal.

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