Girls in PayPal App Commercial

PayPal highlights, in a new commercial, that, with the PayPal app, paying for your share of a gift is easy.

Dubbed “Carnival”, the 30-second spot features two parents who send money quickly through the PayPal app to a friend who has taken also their kid to an amusement park for a playdate. “Settle up playdates fast so the fun never stops.” – onscreen lines read while the children are seen enjoying their time there and the man accompanying them buying a big stuffed pink elephant toy.

PayPal enables users to shop millions of stores around the globe in over 200 markets and on millions of sites worldwide, offering at the same time a range of benefits and services including the possibility to have return shipping on PayPal, shop with purchase protection for cases where what they get is not exactly what was described when they ordered, and get more time to pay with PayPal Credit, which allows them to buy now and pay later with no interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.

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