Old Spice Captain Commercial

Old Spice promotes its Captain range of products with Fade Resistant Scent technology in a new hilarious ad.

The spot features a beautiful young couple on a coach, with the woman smelling her partner, who’s having his white shirt unbuttoned and is holding an Old Spice deodorant. The voiceover says that, thanks to the Fade Resistant Scent technology, Old Spice makes you smell “as good as the first time, every time, forever.” At this point, it turns out that the two lovers are actually old and the man is kept alive on a life support machine. Still holding the Old Spice, he draws his last breath smelling good.

Captain Red Collection for men from Old Spice, which provides 24-hour odor protection “in case you need to climb a mountain, fight off a bear, and ride an elevator all in the same day,” includes body wash, invisible spray antiperspirant deodorant, deodorant and invisible antiperspirant deodorant.

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