Olay Commercial Woman - Tristan Mazzu

The beauty and skincare brand Olay inspires women to pursue their dreams in a series of new ad starring commercial airline pilot Tristan Mazzu.

One of the 60-second spots, which highlights that women are 51% of the population and yet they are only 6% of pilots, represents “A Love Letter to Adversity” written by Tristan, which delivers the following message: “To the instructor who didn’t know if I could master reading flight charts. To the voices of doubt in my own head. To the stereotype that says ‘Women are too fragile and too emotional to handle the pressure.’ To the raised eyebrows, forced smiles, and looks of surprise. To the passenger who tried to get me her drink order, to the uncle who joked ‘Women don’t fly planes, they can barely drive cars’, to the force of gravity that attempts to hold us all in place. Thank you… for making it all more gratifying to fly.

The video ends with the onscreen line “There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman on a mission”.

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