NIVEA MEN Liverpool FC Advert

Liverpool FC players Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, James Milner and Joe Gomez star in a new advert for NIVEA MEN, which is the official grooming partner of Liverpool FC in the UK, promoting the UK’s First Body Shaving Range.

The spot features the three football stars joking around in the shower room as they put the NIVEA MEN Body Shaving range to the test. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain went shirtless, showing off his hunky frame and rippling abs as he uses the NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Anti Irritation Body Stick under the water. The voiceover highlights that the product offers control, precision and great defense against irritation.

The Body Shaving range also includes Body Shaving Anti Irritation Shaving Gel, which features a moisturising formula containing gliding polymers that adhere well to the skin, even under the shower, to provide exceptional razor glide for a soft and protected shave, After Shave Lotion, which strengthens skin immediately after shaving, effectively protecting it against irritation, as well as a series of pre-shave and post-shave products, such as Cool Kick Shaving Gel, Protect & Care Moisturising Shaving Gel, Protect & Care Moisturising Shaving Foam, Sensitive Cooling Shaving Foam, Active Age Double Action Balm, Cool Kick Post-Shave Balm, Protect & Care 2 Phase Aftershave Lotion, and others.

In a behind-the-scenes video filmed on the occasion of the brand’s new advert, Mohamed Salah has been revealed as the hairiest player at Liverpool and Roberto Firmino has been labeled as “the best-groomed player in the team” by his teammates.

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