Nestlé Quality Street Christmas Advert - Boy and Girl

Nestlé-owned brand Quality Street has launched its Christmas advert, asking people what their favourite favourite is.

The 20-second spot, set to an instrumental piece of orchestral music, features family members grabbing their favourite chocolate from a Quality Street tub and enjoying it around the Christmas tree. Lounging in armchairs, kids are seen laughing and having fun and two adult sisters, wearing identical blouses, are seen picking the same flavor. At the end of the advert, a sister gives her brother his favourite sweet and the tagline “What’s your favourite favourite?” is flashing across the screen.

Quality Street is selection of individual tinned or boxed toffees, chocolates and sweets produced by Nestlé. The sweets within the box have changed and evolved over the years. The classic Quality Street assortment contains 12 iconic sweets – milk and dark chocolates and toffees, in iconic shapes, tightly wrapped like sparkling jewels.

There is also a variety of formats available, from cartons to tins, to suit different sharing and gifting occasions. The brand’s newest addition to its sweet assortment includes the Honeycomb Crunch bar.

The sweets contain, according to Qualitty Street, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and no hydrogenated vegetable oils. The delicious chocolate that covers the sweets is made with UTZ Certified sustainable cocoa beans.

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