Nationwide Building Society Advert Flo & Joan

Musical comedy sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey, aka Flo & Joan, returned to the small screen in a new advert for Nationwide Building Society.

The two siblings perform, this time, a song called “Small, small house” and highlighting that their house is their home, no matter how small.

The lyrics are the following:

My small, small house isn’t much at all
It stands at 6 feet tall
Which is average for a man
And tall for a woman
But tiny for a house

My bed doubles up as an ironing board
I store my mugs inside the holes in the wall
And who needs windows when you can look at…
The mugs in the wall

I can shower in the kitchen sink
Can have a shave while I have a drink
I wash my plates with my feet ‘cos that’s time saving
Now my plates smell like soap and my feet smell like gravy

But it’s a roof over my noodle, and for now I think it’ll do
So come on in, mind your head on the door
My house is my home, no matter how small

The advert ends with the onscreen lines “From small, small homes to big, big ones. Nationwide was founded solely to help its members buy one of their own”.

Flo & Joan star in other ads for the British mutual financial institution. In one of them, the two sisters sing a song about the festive funk marking the days between Christmas and the New Year, which they named “Crimbo Limbo”, and another one about the sibling rivalry.

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