Muller Spreadable TV Advert - Nicole Scherzinger

Müller has released a new advert starring Nicole Scherzinger to promote its Spreadable Butter.

The 30-second spot, part of a major multimedia campaign, features the American singer/actress at a wedding party discovering the new Müller Spreadable, which is “made with 73% real churned butter for a creamy taste,” and, concluding that it’s “Müllerdelicious,” asks the waiters to loose the toppings because “it’s so good all by itself.” The next shot sees Nicole throwing herself in the air to catch the bride’s bouquet, apparently, but it soon turns out she was actually aiming at the last piece of bread with Müller Spreadable Butter on it.

The ad, ending with the tagline “A spreadable that tastes Müllerdelicious,” also celebrates the brand’s status of “Official Spreadable of British Athletics”.

The new Spreadable Butter, which will also be supported by the first British Paralympian to win golds in two different sports since 1984, Müller brand ambassador Kadeena Cox, is available in Slightly Salted and Unsalted variants and costs £3 for a 2744 calorie 400g tub and £2 for 250g, which is 1715 calories.

The yogurt giant Muller, which made its entrance in the spreadable butter market earlier this year, in May, has Nicole as its brand ambassador since 2012. She also stars in another ad promoting the Müller Corner Plain, a natural, unsweetened Greek style yogurt with a delicious strawberry and goji berry compote.

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