Motorpoint Advert - The Car Supermarket

Motorpoint puts the Super into car supermarket with its latest TV advert.

The spot features a man, accompanied by his wife and their daughter in a Motorpoint dealership, saying they’re looking for a car for the family. The employee at the reception answers there are hundreds of cars they could choose from, but she thinks she knows just the one. She then turns into Telekinesis Woman and uses her superpowers to bring a red car through the air in front of her clients. When the latter say they would like to have it in blue, another employee, who it turns out has X-Ray Man’s superpowers, turns into in blue.

The ad also informs that, “With Motorpoint, there’s massive savings, flexible finance and you can part exchange. Plus, you get to drive your new car away the same day”.

Finally, the voiceover adds the tagline “We put the Super Into Car Supermarket” and mentions the company’s website.

Described as “The UK’s Leading Car Supermarket with over 6000 low mileage nearly new cars from 35 different manufacturers,” Motorpoint informs that all cars are less than 3 years old and the majority have less than 25,000 miles on the clock. Same Day Driveaway from any of the retailer’s 12 sites, which means you can choose, buy and drive home your new car in a single visit, a comprehensive set of packages to finance the purchase of your car including the Boomerang PCP package and Hire Purchase options, are among its services, as well.

The independent car retailer, founded in 1998, has 12 large showrooms across England, Scotland and Wales and over 6000 used cars for sale on its website.

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