Moonpig Mother's Day Advert

Moonpig invites you to celebrate the real thing this Mother’s Day in a new advert released with the tagline #MumMakingMoments.

The spot shows what happens when a group of kids ask AI technology the questions they usually ask their mum, like “where do babies come from?”, proving the is no substitute for a mum. Alexa’s answer to a girl’s question regarding the place babies come from, is “I think they are delivered to families by storks.” Asked “How old is Mummy?”, Siri replies “Sorry, I can’t get that info for you here.” “Can you clean my room?” a little girl asks Alexa, who answers “If I had hands, I would gladly help.” Another question, raised by a boy, is “Why do we have to go to school?”.

Google Assistant says “Requiring kids go to school is called compulsory education.” The series of questions continues with “Are we there yet?”, which is answered by Siri “I can’t get the answer to that on HomePod”, and “Can you tell me a joke?”, which is answered by Siri, as well, “I don’t really know any good jokes, none in fact”.

The spot ends with the onscreen lines “for some things, you just need Mum…” and with the kids giggling when a mother says a joke.