Mercedes Commercial - Man Falling Down

Mercedes-Benz continues its “Urban Story” campaign, aimed at showcasing the Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018, with a new commercial.

After the “Touch” spot, inspired by the multiple touch interactions available in the new A-Class via MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), and the “Habits” one, focused on the car’s personalizable settings, able to recreate the driver’s ideal environment, including music, seat position and favourite display design, this time, the ad showcases the automatic reactions enabled by our body trying to protect us from harm in the attempt to illustrate how the Active Brake Assist system works.

Titled “Instincts”, the film shows a slow-motion footage of a man with a coffee in his hand who tripped and falls on the pavement. “Oh, looks like we tripped. We’re going down. But we can do this! Arms move up. Hands open. Head turns slightly to the right. Is there anything we can do about this face? Never mind, prepare for impact!” the voiceover says, mentioning that “Your instincts can keep you safe and so can those of the new A-Class.” He then explains that Active Brake Assist can warn you of imminent collisions, braking for you, if necessary, and adds the
tagline “The new A-Class with Mercedes me – Just like you”.

Active Brake Assist with cross-traffic function is expected to be available by end of 2018.

In other recent commercials, Mercedes-Benz also promoted the Mercedes me connect Concierge Service, a service available for the E-Class (2017 model onwards) and for the S-Class (2017 facelift onwards), that provides detailed responses to your personal search requests including share prices, sports results, weather, cinema programme, travel and traffic information, searches for desired destinations and have them transmitted directly to your vehicle’s navigation system and makes recommendations for restaurants and more, all 24/7.

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