Mercedes-Benz Carsharing MBUX Commercial

Mercedes-Benz advertises, in its latest ad, the Mercedes me carsharing app, which allows a driver to share their vehicle with a specified group of users.

The 60-second spot, aimed at highlighting that, with the new MBUX, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is set up for private carsharing, features several roommates who are all very different. While a bearded guy is having pâté on bread at breakfast, his roommate, who’s holding a bowl of cereals, is looking at him almost grossed by the idea of eating such a thing. Behind them, a third guy is doing yoga and a girl is entering the house and throws herself on the couch. Another roommate, who seems to be into healthy living, shows up in the living room doing a live video and then taking a photo of her breakfast, consisting in lots of fruits, to post it on social media. The girl already sitting at the table, who seems to be a punker or rocker, is definitely not the type willing to take selfies and share everything with everybody.

“You might not share the same taste. You might not have the same daily routines. You might want to share everything. Or you might not want to share everything with everybody. That’s alright, but there’s one thing you can now share quite easily. Just request it. Accept it. Go get it. You don’t have to own it to make it your own.

Carsharing with the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience,” the voiceover says throughout the ad, which ends with the rocker driving a roommate’s Mercedes-Benz through the city streets at night.

The automaker informs that MBUX is used in the entire new compact car generation from Mercedes-Benz and will enter series production in spring 2018 in the new A-class.

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