McDonald's TV Advert - Night Shifts

“Fancy yourself more of a night owl than an early bird? Feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Or are the small hours of the morning already feeling long?” If the answers to these questions is “Yes”, then you are one of the possible candidates for a job at McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain runs a series of new TV and online ads in the UK, encouraging people to “Turn night shifts into bright shifts” while promoting its job search section on the McDonald’s website. The spots feature seven crew and managers, chosen from more than 300 applicants, who have been joined by a film crew, over a couple of days, in and out of work and then brought all together for a day of filming in one of the chain’s restaurants. Shift managers Rima, Joby and Ashley, crew trainer Beth and crew member Janae, Elliott, and Ashante are seen laughing and joking, while other people who also work night shift – at a gas station and in a call center, for instance – feel bored and lonely.

The fast-food chain states that “Working for McDonald’s is more than just a job” and highlights that it offers “good value, quality food and a fantastic experience” for its customers.

According to the statistics provided by McDonald’s, 9 in 10 of its Business Managers started with the chain as Crew members and 1/3 of its executive team started their career in one of its restaurants. Every one of the 110,000 employees working for McDonald’s has the opportunity to take part in structured training, whether it’s in customer service, team work or financial management.