McDonald's Commercial - Trick. Treat. Win!

“Not even broken mirrors can ruin your lucky day! With 1 in 4 odds of instantly winning McDonald’s Trick. Treat. Win! game, you don’t have to have good luck.” this is the message conveyed in the latest McDonald’s commercial, advertising its new Daily Sweepstakes.

“Today is your lucky day. Because McDonald’s new Trick. Treat. Win! game has 1 in 4 odds of winning instantly, so you won’t need luck,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features two women entering an “unlucky” store on a Friday 13th and seeing all kinds of things happening before their eyes, such as mirrors breaking one after another following the simple gesture of hanging the purse on the back of a chair. Despite the havoc wrecked around them, one of the two ladies, who just peeled the game piece on her McDonald’s beverage, shares with a smile the good news: she won free fries at the chain’s Trick. Treat. Win! game.

The voiceover urges people to get the chance of winning their share of over 100 million prizes and to hurry up to play the game. Information on how to play, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, are available at You can also play the Trick. Treat. Win! Game on the go with the McDonald’s App, which is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The Sweepstakes ends October 31.

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