Girl in McDonald's Big Mac Jr. Commercial

McDonald’s urges people, in a new commercial, to rediscover their love for the Big Mac and its special sauce, and try the Mac Jr. and Grand Big Mac, which will be available at participating locations for a limited time only.

The 15-second spot, titled “Rediscover your love for the one and only”, features several persons in various places renewing their promise to love and cherish forever the Big Mac. “I renew my promise to love and cherish you forever.”, is the statement made by them, followed by a woman who takes a bite from the Big Mac.

Mac Jr. and Grand Big Mac, the smaller and larger versions of the legendary Big Mac, are made from “100% pure beef patties”, Mac Sauce, shredded crisp lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. The differences also lie in the fact that the Mac Jr. comes with a single patty and no middle bun and the Grand Mac has two patties that weigh around one-third of a pound prior to cooking and a third slice of bread that separates the patties.

According to Brand Eating, the price for a Mac Jr. is $1.99, the one for the Big Mac is $3.99, and the one for the Grand Mac is $4.79.

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