Maytag Man Mascot Commercial

Maytag advertises its products in a new series of ads, titled “Powerful Pep Talks”.

One of them, dedicated to the front load washers and dryers, features the Maytag Man portraying the two appliances and saying “When you need to bring the pep, Maytag will handle the prep”. He then cheers on a mascot which he learns is actually a wild cat.

Other spots feature the Maytag Man as a microwave that witnesses a coach practising a pep talk, as a dishwasher that “has the power to get the muck off your mugs, the mitts off your balls, but not the paint off your face,” as a refrigerator that gives a injured guy some ice and says that, “when touchy football gets too touchy, Maytag’s got your back,” and as a stove that reminds people “there are no timeouts in the kitchen at halftime”.

Maytag’s top load washing machines features technologies that deliver a dependable clean wash after wash, year after year, such as the PowerWash cycle, steam options and cycles, PowerSpray, which enhances cleaning by recirculating water and detergent from the bottom of the laundry to the top of the washer, so clothes get a highly-concentrated treatment for difficult stains, and optimal dose dispenser, which adds the right amount of detergent to your washer drum at just the right time for powerful cleaning.

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