Cobie Smulders in Mastercard Masterpass Commercial

Cobie Smulders shows us another side of her in a new Mastercard commercial promoting the Masterpass service in Canada.

This time, people can see the How I Met Your Mother star as a “meditator” after she saves time by paying with Masterpass for some relax candles.

“You may know me as Cobie Smulders, the actor, but I’m going to spend the three minutes I saved paying for these candles with Masterpass being Cobie Smoulders, the meditator.” – Cobie’s voice is heard saying, while she is seen sitting with her eyes closed, on a blanket on the floor, surrounded by candles and other items aimed at helping people relax. “I’m doing this. I’m meditating. I’m relaxed.” – she’s also heard saying, but suddenly a bunch of questions pop up into her head, like “Wait, am I relaxed or am I just acting?”, “Oh, no, did I remember to pick up the dry cleaning?”, “Ugh, did I even drop off the dry cleaning?”. “I can act like a relaxed person, that’s for sure.” – her next thought is. However, other concerns follow as she starts going through her schedule, remembering she wanted a specific shirt for a brunch meeting, trying to fight hunger and pancake craving. “Argh!” – she shouts in her head and then she opens her eyes and, with a smile on her face, sighs: “Ah, so relaxing!”.

Mastercard’s “Spending Time With Cobie Smulders” ad campaign also features the Canadian actress as the thespian who spends the time she saved with Masterpass preparing for an upcoming role, the friend who’s catching up with a friend who’s having a though go, and the proud Canadian, who has a small Canadian home in the backyard of her LA house.

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