Lyft Ridesharing Commercial

Lyft explains what ridesharing is in a new commercial, showing people how Lyft can get you a ride in minutes, wherever you’re headed.

The spot informs that “With Lyft you just tap to get wherever you want,” highlighting that you don’t have to worry about parking spots, a driver will pick you up and take you to all kind of places, including the airport, a club night and even fishing. “Just download the app and tap for a ride.” the voiceover says, mentioning, with regard to the drivers, that they are screened with two different background checks. According to the ad, Lyft drivers are “real people who care about their passengers”; “they are dreamers, doers and heroes”.

The voiceover also says that during your Lyft ride, which can be a fancy one, if you want, you can sit wherever you want and that your friends can come, too. In case you change your mind, you can tap to change the destination. The payment is easy to make and anyone can apply to drive, according to the ad, which ends with the voiceover saying “that’s it, just a ride when you need it”.

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