Lucozade David & Goliath Commercial

Lucozade Energy continues its “Nothing beats Energy campaign” with a hilarious new ad, presented as the prequel to the David & Goliath story.

Created by agency Grey London and directed by Harold Einstein, the spot takes viewers back to biblical times, showing them what happened before the fight between David and Goliath. The young sheperd is seen waking up one morning feeling all groggy and being reminded of what he did the previous night: he picked a fight with Goliath by calling him a giant. When the latter shows up angry at his door, willing to “have a word” with him, David takes a swig of Lucozade Energy and then, given that his spear is broken, grabs a sling and heads out to face his opponent.

“Energy Beats Everything,” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, which also sees the lines “Energy Beats Everything – Yours, David’s, The Universe’s” flashing across the screen.

The “Nothing beats Energy” campaign, which debuted earlier this year, in February, with a spot powering Lara Croft’s new movie, Tomb Raider, also includes a poster hand-painted in oils by husband and wife team Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, featuring David standing victorious on Goliath, slingshot in one hand and a bottle of Lucozade Energy in the other, alongside the tagline “Energy Beats Everything. Yours, theirs, the universe’s.”

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