Lincoln Dogs Commercial

Lincoln continues its Wish List campaign with a new installment in “A Dog’s Wish” series. This time, it includes YouTube videos of people reuniting with their dogs, of dogs protecting babies and more.

Titled “Heard Around The World,” the film is a compilation of several videos featuring dogs that get excited upon their owner’s return home. While some of the furry creatures are just waving their tails, others jump up and “hug” the human, licking him/her, of course. The video of the now famous miniature pooch that guards a tiny baby from “dangerous” vacuum cleaner is also included.

The soundtrack music is the 2016 single “I’m Coming Home” by Lee Fields & The Expressions, from the band’s 2016 album, “Special Night”.

“Our 2018 Lincoln Wish List campaign was inspired by the unbridled joy that we feel when reuniting with our loved ones (big and small) – because, after all, #TheGreatestWish is the one that brings us together,” the automotive company stated.

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