Lidl Spring Spotters Advert

Lidl UK invites you to join the Spring Spotters as they explore the supermarket chain’s spring range and introduce the Favorina and Deluxe chocolate eggs, now available at Lidl from 79p.

The 40-second spot, part of the first major campaign from agency TBWA\London’s new management team, features a couple of studio-based presenters sitting on a couch and welcoming viewers to a show called “Lidl Spring Spotters”. “We’ve buffed our binoculars, we have hidden our cameras, and we are ready to bring all sorts of spring things, like egg hatching, nest building, and feeding YUM.” says the man, who is followed by his colleague. “But first, it’s lambing season up and down the country so let’s take a look on lamb cam.”, she suggests. As they do this, watching the Favorina Larry the Lamb, the man notices there’s not a lot of movement happening. Soon, though, a hand picks up the lamb and breaks it in two, leaving only the head. “At £ 1.99, it’s just too hard to resist.” the man says.

The Favorina range of Easter treats also includes Holly the Hedgehog (£ 2.99), Bertie the Bunny (79p), available in hazelnut and almond flavors, Rusty the Rabbit (£ 1.99), available in milk and dark chocolate flavors, Henrietta the Hen with Eggs (£ 2.99), Mini Figures (£ 1.79), Chocolate Easter Shapes in Nets (59p), Hollow Chocolate Eggs, and more.

The Deluxe range offers a Hand-Finished Carrot Cake (£ 1.69), a Premium Large Easter Egg (£ 9.99), that you could choose from Dusk Falls or Dessert Haze, Milk Chocolate Bars (£ 1.29), Brittle Bars (£ 1.79), available in almond, peanut and hazelnut, and other sweet treats.

This campaign, which does not focus only on the Easter period, but on the entire spring season, will run across TV, digital, press, social media, outdoor and radio.

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