Lidl Christmas Advert - Car on Ice Rink

Lidl UK continues to advertise its Christmas food range in a new spot, featuring Deluxe Desserts.

The 30-second spot features a young couple who upgraded Christmas with a Deluxe Roulade (£3.39/430g – serves 6), Golden Sponge with hazelnut and praline sauce (£5.99/450g – serves 4) from Lidl and by turning the cul-de-sac into an ice rink, which it turns out it was a great idea in theory.

The advert ends with the voiceover adding the tagline “Make Christmas a Lidl special,” while on screen a man is struggling to keep his car from skating on the ice rink. “Help, can anyone help me?” he’s heard asking.

The supermarket chain has also advertised, in other adverts released so far, its Christmas offers on chicken breast skewers and crispy coated prawns, available for $1.59/10 pieces and 1.99/12 pieces, respectively, on the Hortus Oriental Spiced Gin, which is priced at 15.99, and the Deluxe Fresh Broadland Free Range Turkey, which will be available for purchase in stores starting December 19, and the Deluxe Cheese Selection Pack.

The protagonists who “upgraded their Christmas” with these products have also made some other purchases that didn’t prove quite good, such as an industrial snow cannon, a huge Christmas tree that didn’t fit the living room, and snow from the North Pole, which arrived melt at the destination. A woman upgraded her Christmas by getting a 16-piece orchestra to play in her dining room and a couple upgraded their Christmas by turning the cul-de-sac into an ice rink.

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