L&C Mortgages Swan Advert

UK’s largest Fee-Free Mortgage Broker & Adviser L&C Mortgages has released a new TV advert to highlight the support given to mortgage hunters, who are compared to swans.

The 30-second spot, created by advertising agency Fold7, features a swan graciously gliding through the water and comedian David Mitchell, who serves as narrator, comparing people willing to buy a house to a swan and L&C Mortgages with the swan’s legs. “That’s you, the swan. Elegantly gliding through your mortgage choices. And that’s us. Working away, making it all look so easy. You, getting the best deal without a care in the world. Us, working tirelessly. You are a swan and we are your legs. Kind of.” Mitchell says, adding that “L&C have helped over a million people with their mortgage choices online and over the phone and urging viewers to get in touch with the company and see what services they could get for free.

L&C Mortgages enables people to compare the latest mortgage deals in real-time online and even provides this service over the phone, lets people know, based on their answers to specific questions, if they are eligible for certain deals, without the need for a credit check, lets them apply online and track their application online 24/7.

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