kwiff Teacher Advert

The latest kwiff advert, promoting the sports betting app where every time you place a bet, you stand the chance of having your perfectly normal odds supercharged (or “kwiffed”), illustrates what “kwiffed” means.

“What is getting kwiffed feel like? It feels like the end of the school day and the teacher says ‘No homework tonight. But there’s one thing I need you all to do: I need you to pop all these bubbles for me. Do you think you could do that?’ And that pretty much is kwiffed.” – the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, which features a beautiful blonde woman as the teacher asking her students (who are portrayed by men dressed in school uniforms) to pop bubbles stored under the desk for her. The “kids” are seen jumping out of joy and having fun popping the bubbles in the classroom.

The advert end with the tagline “It’s perfectly normal. Until it’s kwiffed”.

The company states that “Sometimes the kwiff might be a small” and that “other times being kwiffed will see your odds supercharged into the stratosphere.”, mentioning though that “not all bets are kwiffed.”

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