Girl in Kleenheat Advert

Kleenheat continues to promote its new Monthly Energiser plan, which allows customers switching to Kleenheat to get a 35% discount on natural gas usage charges, in a new ad.

The 15-second spot features a young woman standing on a beach with a poster in her hands, that advertises Kleenheat’s offer. “Save 35% on natural gas charges” the line reads. “This offer speaks for itself,” the girl says, while the head of a middle-aged man is seen floating around her and a sea bird is uttering a mew. At the spot ends, it is revealed how the floating head was introduced: with staff dressed in green suits holding the man, who’s also dressed in a green suit and hung by the ceiling.

Finally, the tagline “Less talk more energy” flashes across the screen.

The ad specifies that this offer applies to new customers only and that the 35% is off the usage component of the standard tariff for 12 months when selecting the Monthly Energiser plan.

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