Kia Commercial - SUVs in the Wild

Kia Motors has released a new commercial, showcasing its SUV range, from the wilderness-loving rugged Kia Sorento, to the friendly and capable Kia Sportage, to the urban-savvy Kia Soul, to the peaceful hybrid Niro.

The spot, part of the automaker’s “SUVs in the Wild” series, features the four SUV models set against different backdrops in a photo shoot studio. Thus, the seven-seat Sorento is placed on a set that illustrates a wild landscape, that includes an adventurous family of four and even a fox, the Sportage, with available all-wheel drive, is placed on a set that includes a forest, a river and mountains in the background, and a couple and their dog camping, the Kia Soul is placed, instead, on a set that illustrates the concrete jungle, and the hybrid Niro is placed on a set that includes a woman who brought a plant from a store selling plants, landscaping and decor.

“Find your species of SUV at Kia,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which is released with the brand’s famous tagline, “America’s Best Value”.

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