Just Eat John Barnes Advert

People are literally licking John Barnes’ face in the latest Just Eat advert, which showcases the first in a series of limited-edition 2018 Football Plates that will be given away throughout the tournament, this summer, to people that order on the Just Eat app.

The 20-second spot, released with the hashtag #PutItOnAPlate, features the legendary pundit, rapper, and ex-footballer watching a game on TV and having his face and head licked by those watching the game with him. Viewers are invited to order a take away with the Just Eat app for a chance to win a limited-edition 2018 Football Plate so that they could also lick the face of a legend.

The limited-edition 2018 Football Plates collection includes four collectible plates that have been designed, inspired, or inspected by a footballing legend. Just Eat will be unveiling new plates throughout the tournament and will be giving away plates every day during this Summer’s football. All you have to do is order on the Just Eat app and make sure that your Just Eat home delivery addressis up-to-date.

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