Jack Link's Commercial Yeti

Jack Link’s continues its “Runnin’ With Sasquatch” campaign, which debuted during this year’s Super Bowl, with a series of new ads, aimed at highlighting the campaign idea, that, “In life, you either run with Sasquatch and eat the protein of Jack Link’s Jerky or you run from Sasquatch”, who “is and will always be faster than you”.

One of the spots, titled “Hiking”, opens with a guy outdoors running from the brand’s iconic mythical man-beast, who is on his traces, while the voiceover says that “In life, there are people who hike with poles and drink their meals and people who feed on Jack Link’s Jerky.” When the jerky is mentioned, a young woman is seen in the company of Sasquatch in the forest, eating Jack Link’s Jerky Original during her hike. The ad informs that Jack Link’s Jerky is a protein snack made with 100% beef, “because in life you either run with Sasquatch or you run from Sasquatch”.

The other spots feature certain types of people, such as those who embrace nature like the human equivalent of a bear hug and those who glamp, those who have the ability to easily command birds of prey, and those who bike with Sasquatch and need only a Jack Link’s Steak Strip to keep up with him.

The spots will begin airing on TV, online and on social starting February 19, 2018.

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