Interac Flash Commercial

Interac Flash, Canada’s first contactless debit solution, is promoted in a new commercial, aimed at highlighting how easy it is to pay like this.

Titled “The polish & pay”, the 15-second spot features a woman who, after having her manicure done, takes the Interac Flash card out of her wallet by gently pushing it and, holding it carefully, brings it closer to the POS and pays, with no damage done to her recently polished nails.

“You can’t do that with cash, so use Interac Flash. All your money in one card,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which also features the tagline “Own your world”.

Other recent spots, available in both English and French, as 5- and 15-second versions, feature a woman that pays for her green smoothie while stretching and a woman that pays for the many packs of toilet paper she holds without putting them down at the check out.

Interac Flash allows users to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently by simply holding their Interac Flash-enabled bank card in front of the reader at checkout. They can use it at merchants across Canada, wherever the Interac Flash logo is shown.

Interac says that, if you bank with some financial institutions, which are all listed on its website, you have Interac Flash contactless technology already featured on your Interac debit card. So, is you see the contactless symbol on your Interac debit card, it means your debit card can use Interac Flash contactless debit technology and be used, therefore, to make payments – for purchases in-store for less than $100 – quickly and easily, just by holding it in front of the terminal. This is valid where you see the Interac Flash logo on contactless terminals at check out.

When you hear a beep and/or “approved” message on the terminal it means your transaction is complete and your purchase was automatically debited from your bank account.

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