Little Baby in HiPP Organic TV Advert

A new HiPP TV ad promotes the brand’s organic baby food range, highlighting that the company is “Proudly organic since 1956”.

“When your baby feels HiPP inside and out, you can feel that hip confidence too, all thanks to the lovely organic ingredients we’ve been growing for over 60 years,” the voiceover says on the 20-second spot, which features a cute baby on a blancket, in the middle of nature, being fed by his mom with vegetables with noodles and chicken from HiPP’s organic range, as well as a man breaking a carrot in two.

The spot also informs that breastfeeding is best and that follow on milk should only be used as part of a mixed diet from 6 months. Viewers are also advised to talk to a healthcare professional.

The organic baby food range also includes Combiotic follow on milk, to be used from 6 months onwards, with iron, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal cognitive development, pouches in different flavors, such as Apple, Banana & Raspberry Breakfast, Apple, Blueberry & Banana Muesli with Yogurt, Apple, Cherry & Banana Breakfast, Apple, Mango & Peach 100% Fruit, and more, jars “crammed with the juiciest, yummiest organic ingredients, gently steamed to keep all the goodness in,” fruit pots, tray meals, cereals, and drinks containing organic fruit mixed with refreshing, natural mineral water.