HERSHEY'S Almond Joy Commercial

HERSHEY’S highlights, in a new ad, that everyone can get a little taste of vacation when they need it, thanks to rich, creamy, coconut-y Almond Joy candy bar.

Titled “Tasty Time Out”, the spot features a man at the office, sitting at his desk when a phone call made at half of a coconut interrupts him for a break: a hand coming out of the coconut hands him an Almond Joy candy bar. Seeing him having a bite of the creamy sweet, a coworker decides to “call” him so that she could get a little taste of vacation, as well. “When you need a taste of vacation, pick up,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, when the tagline “Almond Joy Is Tropi-Calling” also flashes across the screen.

Almond Joy is made of sweet coconut covered in rich chocolate with crisp, whole almonds. It is available as 1.61 oz. bars, as King Size 3.22 oz. candy bars, snack size candy bars, 20.1-oz. jumbo bag, snack size candy bars, 11.3-oz. bags, Almond Joy Snack Mix 2 oz., and Almond Joy Eggs.

Besides Almond Joy bars there also are Mounds bars, also made of coconut covered in rich, dark chocolate. HERSHEY’S portfolio of brands also includes Jolly Rancher, Take 5, Reese’s, Kisses, KitKat, Brookside, Twizzlers, Ice Breakers, and more.

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