Heinz Ketchup Commercial - Tomato Debate

Today, April 6, is the National Tomato Day and Heinz reignites a debate that befuddled people for decades: is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

The brand has released, as part of its new “Grown not Made” campaign, which celebrates the quality, care and expertise that goes into every Heinz tomato, a hilarious commercial, dubbed “Tomato Debate”, raising the above mentioned question and providing an answer.

“And the answer is: it’s complicated. Not even the experts seem to agree. Scientists will tell you that this is a fruit. Lawyers, that it’s a vegetable.” The voiceover asks then viewers to look at their emoji. “Is ‘Tomato’ the last fruit emoji or the first vegetable emoji? What do you think? Do you eat tomatoes like a fruit or like a vegetable?” he asks, telling viewers they now get to decide.

The brand encourages the nation to join the debate and share their opinion either by using the hashtag #tomatodebate on Twitter and Instagram by April 8 or by casting their vote at thetomatodebate.com, where they can buy Heinz ketchup made from Tomato Fruits or Heinz Ketchup made from Tomato Vegetables.

Subsequently, based on the poll results, the brand decide which of these bottles will continue to be sold as a Heinz product.

The “Tomato Debate” spot, also featuring the iconic glass bottle, celebrating the brand’s nearly 150-year heritage, is now airing nationally on TV, digital and social media.

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