Genius Gluten Free Bread Commercial

Genius, a company that sells bread and baked goods, advertises, in two new ads, its Gluten-Free Triple Seeded Farmhouse Loaf.

One of the spots asks viewers what their gut is like today, giving two options – a rumbly volcano and a calm sunny day, and showcases the Gluten Free Triple Seeded Farmhouse Loaf, which is packed with delicious Sunflower, Linseed and Poppy seeds for a tasty crunch and makes a tasty alternative to everyday bread.

The other spot is similar, but the options given to viewers as of what’s their gut feeling are different, namely wrecking ball versus disco ball.

The brand’s Gluten Free range of products also includes packs of 4 Plain Bagels, packs of 6 pancakes (light, golden & fluffy), packs of 2 sausage rolls (“beautifully seasoned British pork sausage meat wrapped in flacky puff pastry” – a perfect snack or lunchtime treat”), a Spicy Fruit Loaf (with sweet curranth, raising and cinnamon), a pack of 4 beetroot wraps (which contain three times the fiber of regular wraps), and packs of 4 crumpets (scrumptiously soft & fluffy).

Genius’ offering also includes white bread, white baguettes, brioche burger buns, plain white wraps, plain bagels, carb cutter bread crisps, breakfast bakes in different options – with cranberry, chocolate chips, and honey & raisin, respectively, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes – with chocolate and lemon, pies, roasted vegetables quiche, and more.

The brand also provides creative recipes to bring some variety in your gluten-free meals. Moreover, it also offers top tips for a gluten-free holiday, so you can concentrate on having fun and enjoying the festive celebrations.
Genius stated they plan to offer people “a growing range of mealtime choices that are lovingly created with both their lifestyles and their appetites in mind”.

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