GEICO Furniture Assembly Commercial

The Gecko attempts furniture assembly in one of the latest GEICO commercials, released to promote the renters insurance.

The 30-second spot features the famous company’s mascot voiced by Jake Wood helping his friends assemble furniture when he visits their new place.

One of the guys, assembling a piece of furniture, tells Gecko that he took his advice and had GEICO help with renters insurance, mentioning it was “really easy”.

As this point, an automated phone voice informs callers that, for help with chairs, they should say “chair” and for help with bookcases they should say “bookcase”. When the Gecko says “bookcase”, the assembler (played by Bardia Salimi) says he thought the items he was trying to piece together was the dresser, which makes his roommate, who’s sitting on the coach, eating something, ask him if that isn’t the bed. The phone voice says she didn’t understand and repeats the standard text she had previously said, about the words people should use when looking for help.

The spot ends with the voiceover urging viewers to see how easy renters insurance can be at GEICO’s website.

The commercial cast also includes Nicholas Feitel as the assembler’s roommate, Jennifer Hale as the automated phone voice, and Andrew Anthony as the voiceover.

GEICO’s Renters Insurance enables people to protect their belongings in case of theft, fire, water damage, and other common loss types. On the company’s website, they have the chance to use the Personal Property Calculator to add up the cost of their personal items, from furniture and electronics, to clothing, jewelry and more.

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