GEICO Gardening Commercial

A man’s lawnmower gets increasingly modified into a supercharged racing mower as he talks to his neighbor in the latest commercial from GEICO, urging viewers to “Expect great savings and a whole lot more”.

The ad features two neighbors talking to each other while gardening. When one of the them, played by Gil Christner, asks the other what’s new, the latter answers they switched to GEICO and got more. “More?” asks, curious, the first man, who’s pruning into his neighbor’s yard. “They’ve been saving folks money for over 75 years,” comes the answer and, at this point, a more powerful lawn mower is seen in action.

“GEICO even helped us with homeowners insurance,” the man mowing his lawn also says, adding “Gotta love more” and asking a confirmation from his wife, who is watering a tree with a huge watering can. “Yeah!” she shouts as she pushes the sprinkling can.

The 30-second commercial, starring Steven Bailey and Celeste Pechous as the married couple, ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “GEICO – Expect great savings and a whole lot more”.

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