GEICO Golf Commercial

One of the latest GEICO ads, touting the company’s customer satisfaction rating and the “great” insurance rates, coverage and service, features a mail room interrupted by a golfer and his caddie.

The 15-second spot, dubbed “Special Delivery”, opens with two employees in a mailroom talking about GEICO savings and goes on with them being interrupted by a golfer and his caddie, who shoot a hole in the ceiling to come deliver another GEICO message, namely that GEICO can help you with homeowners insurance, too. Finally, their message is interrupted by the company’s logo, which is brought over in the room on a bunch of package boxes.

This is only one of the several commercials recently launched by the insurance company as part of its new strategy of promoting more than one benefit it offers its customers in a single commercial.

The new ads start with a scene that is interrupted to give way to other protagonists bring a GEICO message. A normal day at the farmers market interrupted by a football practice gone rogue, a couple reading in bed interrupted by two overzealous workout instructors, two hockey players in the locker room interrupted by two moms gaining too much speed on their jog with the baby trolleys, a wedding reception interrupted by a group of wrestlers who take their smack down outside the ring are only some of the ideas illustrated in hilarious ads, developed by GEICO’s long-term ad agency, The Martin Agency.

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