GEICO Commercial - Couple, Skiers and Cheerleaders

GEICO has launched a series of new ads to deliver some important messages about the customer satisfaction rating and the money people could save by getting their car insurance with GEICO.

One of them, titled “Smile and Say Skis”, opens with a couple during a photo shoot who deliver a GEICO message before being interrupted by a pair of skiers. “GEICO got a 97% customer satisfaction rating.”, the woman says, holding her shorter chubby husband. The latter confirms, adding “That’s not surprising at all”.

After a warning from the voiceover, two skiers enter the set with their skis on, through the white wall serving as backdrop to deliver “another GEICO message”, and then they are interrupted by two cheerleaders dancing their way on set to bring “yet another GEICO message”. As they cheer the insurance company name and the “serious dough” GEICO saves people, the company’s logo comes down through the ceiling, making the girls ducking to the sides.

GEICO highlights that “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” and urges you to get a personalized quote online, mentioning that new customers report average annual savings over $500.

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